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Yared Zeleke

Yared Zeleke was born in Ethiopia in 1978. He holds a bachelors degree in

International Development from Clark University (United States) and studied

cinema at New York University, majoring in writing and directing. He worked for

a number of NGOs in the United States, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Norway, before

embarking on a directing career.

Yared has written, produced, directed and edited several short documentaries

(Allula) and fiction shorts (Housewarming). He has also worked with the director

Joshua Atesh Litle on the documentary The Furious Force of Rhymes, which

received a number of awards. In Ethiopia, his native country, he has edited

documentary films for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

In 2015, Yared completed his first feature-length movie, called Lamb, filmed on

the high plateaux of Northern Ethiopia.



  • Full (2009);

  • Housewarming (2009);

  • The Quiet Garden (2009);

  • Lamb (2015)


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