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Sitraka Randriamahaly

Sitraka Randriamahaly, young Malagasy filmmaker, developed an interest in

animation very early on. A lover of the graphic arts in general, he took

drawing and painting courses at the German-Malagasy Circle (Goethe

Zentrum) as a teenager, but it’s only after his university studies that he

decided to launch himself into animated filmmaking.

Like most Malagasy animation artists, he started off as self-taught, learning

through creating, enriched by workshops, exchanges, residencies and

short-term programs lasting a few days to months each (Fontevraud, ILOI,

EMCA, Les Gobelins…)

Sitraka Randriamahaly has many films to his credit, from Sokaky (the tortoise)

in 2009 to Rough Life in 2015, which received the prize for best pan-African animation at the 10th Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar (Meetings of Short Films of Madagascar). Some of his work has been showcased at larger festivals like the FESPACO or Annecy. In general, his films tell short, simple and oftentimes poetic stories, but above everything else, they tell his own life story about the world in which he lives and dreams.



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