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Simon Rouby

Simon Rouby, born in 1980 in Lyon, France, took his first artistic steps as a graffiti

artist 10 years ago. He then accessed other mediums such as painting and

sculpture. From this background he studied animated film directing, first in

Gobelins, Paris then in CalArts, Los Angeles. He graduated in 2007 with two

shorts, BLIND SPOT, and LE PRESAGE. Both have been shown in many festivals:

Cannes, Clermont Ferrand, San Diego, Bucarest, Ottawa, Taiwan. His short film

LA MARCHE was produced by Naïa in 2010, and was screened in various

international events.
In 2015 his animation feature ADAMA was screened at the Annecy International

Animation Film Festival.





2015 -Adama
2007 - Blind Spot

2007 - Adama

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