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FILMS | Main Programme

May 23rd - 26th 2019
The Little Carib Theatre  | $50.00

SATURDAY 25th MAY 2019

MAIN PROGRAMME - South African Showcase



2:00PM The Little Carib Theatre

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Maggie Mercier & Major Voices | South Africa/Canada | 2018 | '16 | AA

From the township of Khayelitsha to the downtown of Cape Town, the members of the A cappella band Major Voices open the doors of their daily life between contrasts. Assisting the director with the camera, they introduce us to their lifestyle and share their vision; nine young voices that spread hope, love and smiles to brighten the future. They take us to a colorful, rhythmic and authentic journey into a South African reality full of hope.

Sisters Of The Wilderness

4:00PM The Little Carib Theatre

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Karin Slater| South Africa | 2018 | '90 | PG

Set in the iMfolozi wilderness, South Africa, in the oldest game park in Africa, Sisters of the Wilderness tells the story of five young Zulu women from underprivileged backgrounds going into the wilderness for the first time in their lives on a self-discovery journey, which offers them an opportunity to grow and heal, and serves as a reminder that we are intimately linked to nature. On their journey they learn about the plight of this primordial wilderness which is severely threatened by an open-cast coal mine on its border, and the dire rhino poaching, in this park, which is now the epicentre of South Africa’s rhino poaching activity.

Sew The Winter To My Skin *PRIVATE SCREENING*

5:00PM The Little Carib Theatre

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Jahmil X.T. Qubeka | South Africa | 2018 | '128 | PG13


A cinematic ballad of indigenous outlaw John Kepe,Sew the Winter to My Skin explores the true myth of a legendary black rebel folk hero in mid 20th centurySouth Africa, a time that foreshadowed Apartheid, one of the most viciously racist political regimes in human history.

* Private Screening In Collaboration with The South African High Commission

Measure Of A Woman

8:30PM The Little Carib Theatre

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sara Blecher | South Africa | 2018 | '23 | 14+

World Rowing Championships 2018, an unknown South Africa wins the women single scull event, smashing through the field making all the others look like amateurs. It’s a great victory for South Africa, but dark clouds have been gathering around the athlete. Doping charges are red flagged, as they always are in such cases, but so too are allegations that the 19-year-old isn’t even a woman.


8:30PM The Little Carib Theatre

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sara Blecher | South Africa | 2018 | '91 | 14+

Fired from a refugee camp, prodigal son Zaid Randera returns home to Mayfair where his overbearing father Aziz – a businessman and occasional money launderer – is facing death threats. Bitter at his father and unwilling to get his hands dirty, how far will Zaid go to protect his family?

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Screenings at The Little Carib Theatre: $50.00:
AFTT JR. | AFTT Main Programme
Tickets available at The Little Carib Box Office from Thursday  (May 23) - Sun (May 26) 11AM-8PM
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