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Sara Blecher

Sara Blecher is a co-founder of CINGA Productions, a South African based film

and television production company that has made a number of award-winning

drama series including Zero Tolerance, which was nominated for an international

Emmy award. She co-created, wrote, directed and produced many episodes in

this series.
A graduate of NYU, she also works as a drama and documentary producer/

director. Sara has made some outstanding and noteworthy documentaries

including Kobus and Dumile, for which she won CNN’s African Journalist of the

Year award. She is co-creator, director and producer of the award-winning

36-part drama Bay Of Plenty, and has recently just completed directing and

series producing the local version of Who Do You Think You Are?. An honors

graduate of NYU, Sara lives in Johannesburg where she has completed her debut feature film Otelo Burning and Ayanda.




  • Otelo Burning, 2011

  • Surfing Soweto, 2010

  • Every 26 seconds, 2004

  • The man in a Brown Suit, 2004

  • Charmaine’s Story, 1996

  • Real Lives : From Russia with Love & The House on Mpanza Road, 1998

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