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FILMS | Opening Night

Monday 20th May 2019 | 7:00pm
The Central Bank Auditorium

The Burial Of Kojo

Blitz Bazawule | Ghana | 2018 | '100 | PG 

The Burial Of Kojo follows the story of Esi, as she recounts her childhood and the tumultuous relationship between her father, Kojo and her uncle, Kwabena. After Kojo goes missing on an illegal
mining expedition with Kwabena, Esi embarks on a magical adventure to rescue her father


"For me, cinema isn’t just a form of entertainment. It’s something that I truly believe helps one see oneself in the world. It helps you see a reflection of yourself in the narratives, and feel a part of a global narrative. For a long time, African filmmakers and African narrators did not have that opportunity. The rest of the world has very little knowledge, understanding, or appreciation of African stories by African filmmakers. I hope this film can set a precedent that films can be made on a low budget, can be shot on location, authentically, by directors who are familiar with the local environment. They don’t have to be foreign productions that come to tell the story. When that happens, the story is often told wrong. It will enable us as Ghanaians, as Africans, to understand ourselves better — and hopefully the world will too."

- TED Fellows Interview 


Blitz "The Ambassador" Bazawule

Blitz Bazawule is a Filmmaker and Musician born in Ghana and based in New York. Blitz's short films Native Sun (2012) and Diasporadical Trilogìa (2016) premiered at New Voices in Black Cinema and Blackstar Film Festival respectively. Blitz is also the
founder of Africa Film Society, an organization focused on the preservation of classic African films. As a composer and musician, Blitz has released 4 studio albums, Stereotype (2009), Native Sun (2011), Afropolitan Dreams (2014) and Diasporadical (2016). Blitz's feature directorial debut 'The Burial Of Kojo' premiered at Urbanworld Film Festival presented by HBO. Blitz is a TED Fellow and recipient of the Vilcek Prize.

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