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Nadia El Fani

After working as assistant director, notably with Roman Polanski, Nouri Bouzid,

Romain Goupil, Franco Zeffirelli, Nadia El Fani directed her first short film,

Pour le plaisir (For the pleasure) in 1990 and created her own production

company Z'yeux Noirs Movies in Tunisia. As she is very close to women activist

groups, she directed her first documentary in 1993 Femmes leaders du

Maghreb (Women Leaders of the Maghreb) and then, Tanitez-moi.

Followed by four short fiction films, notably Fifty-fifty mon amour, and the production of films by other cineastes, such as the co-production of a long documentary with Canada.


Nadia El Fani settles in Paris in 2002 (where she has lived since) for the post production of her first feature Bedwin Hacker, of which she is also producer. In 2005 she participates in a 15-episode series of short films made by filmmakers from other countries, entitled Paris la MétisseOuled Lénine is released in April 2008, and in 2011, Laïcité Inch'allah (Ni Allah, Ni Maître!), Secularism Inch'allah (Neither Allah nor Master!), a feature documentary. In 2012 she completes Même pas mal, co-directed with Alina Isabel Pérez.



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