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Luck Razanajaona is a young emerging filmmaker from Madagascar. With his

two shorts Zebu de dadilahy and Madama Esther, he was selected for several

film festival worldwide like Clermont Ferrand international short film festival

2013 (France), in 18th Vilnius International Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS

2013 (Lithuany); in 3rd Kiev International film Festival (Ukraine), in

3rd Green film festival SEOUL, 17th Thailand International film festival and

télévision, in Festival Francophone du film de Namur  "Regards du présent"

(Belgium), in Festival international du film d’Afrique et de îles (Reunion Island) ,in AFRIKAMERA BERLIN «African Island Shorts » FilmInitiativ Kholn 2014 - Luxor African film festival 2014 (Egypt) - Afrykamera WARSAW 2014 – RFC Madagascar - Durban International film FF  (South Africa) –FilmInitiativ Kholn 2014 – 23th Séquence court-métrage International film festival France – Burundi film festival –ZANZIBAR INTERNATIONAL FILM Zebu of Dadilahy was also selected at Association des Trophés francophone  2014  - Best short FILM category. This year Madama Esther was selected again at Association des Trophés francophone  2014 in the Best short Film category. He is currently at work on a new short project Memories mix of Japanese sword film and Sci-FI, shooting in Madagascar in 2015.





2011 The giant and the moon - 15 min, Fiction, Morroco 


2011 Pei RACINE - 24 min, Documentary, Reunion Island


2012 Zebu of dadilahy -  24 min, Fiction, Madagascar


2013 MADAMA ESTHER - 15 min, Fiction, Madagascar

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