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Hicham Ayouch

Born in Paris (France) in 1976 to a French mother and Moroccan father, Hicham

Ayouch - director, author and journalist - is one of the Most Promising cinematic

voices to come out of Morocco in recent years. Born in Paris, Mr. Ayouch worked

in various Capacities for Several TV channels in France before focusing his efforts

on filmmaking and leaving France to live is native his country of Morocco. 
He has made ​​two feature documentaries, The King's Queens (2005), about the

status of the women in Morocco, and Angel's Dust (2007), about autistic teenagers.

His two previous fiction features were Edges Of The Heart (2006), about a fishing village

shattered by tragedy, and Cracks (2009), a love triangle among misfits in Tangiers.

Fevers (2014) is his third fiction feature film. 





2014 - Fevers
2009 - Cracks
2007 - Angel's Dust
2006 - The Edges Of The Heart

2005 - The King's Queen

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