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Ebele Okoye

After a higher National Diploma in Graphic Design/Illustration from IMT Enugu,

Nigeria, African Studies from the University of Cologne, a Design-study stint at the

University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf, and a traineeship at the West

German Broadcasting Corporation, WDR, Ebele Okoye furthered in Animation at

the International Film School Cologne . Upon graduation in 2004, she worked as

a studio animator before going independent with own films as well heading

international Co-productions one of which is Anna Blume winner of the 2007

Robert Bosch Foundation Promotional Prize for Animation. She is the founder and

co-ordinator of Shrinkfish Media Lab (smedLAB), an Audiovisual training initiative

focusing on young artistic talents in the West African region. She is also fully active as a Web designer, Media and branding expert, while painting occasionally still. Some of her works can be seen at




2015: The Legacy of Rubies (Germany/Nigeria/USA) 28Sp min. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

2014: Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU (Germany) 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

2013: Closer N’ Closer (Commissioned) (Nigeria/Germany) 06:00 min. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer) 2012: Meine Heimat “My Homeland” (Nigeria/Germany) 05:00 min. 2D/3D Animation (Director/Coproducer) 2011: Footy My Love (Nigeria/Germany/Denmark) 07:00 Min, 2D Animation/Video Art (Director/Coproducer) 2010: The Essence (Nigeria /Germany) 05:30 min. , 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

2009: Anna Blume (Germany/Bulgaria) 09 mins. 2D Animation (Producer/Co script writer/Animator)

2009: Patterns (Nigeria /Germany) 10 mins. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

2008: Papermouse (Germany) 2,5 min. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

2007: Die Verrückte ‘The Lunatic’ (Germany) 5 min. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)

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