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Donald Mugisha

Donald Mugisha is the founder member of Yes! That’s Us. He studied Mass

Communicationat Kampala University but attributes his ‘real life’ education

to the making of hundreds of music videos for the East African music scene.

Mugisha went on to direct a documentary about the method and reach of

these music videos which garnered numerous awards and accolades both

locally and internationals and helped turn his attention to filmmaking.

Mugisha grew up on a farm in Western Uganda and watched a lot of kung-fu

movies growing up, as he matured be discovered the work of Rossellini,

Truffaut, Fernando Meirelles, adopting their neo-realist style as his own. He

describes his first introduction to filmmaking was as a child when his father

bought a small VHS video camera which he started experimenting with. At university he met a range of ‘frustrated’ artists from a cross section of disciplines.

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