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Alain Gomis is a French director of Bissau Guinean and Senegalese origins. He was born

in 1972 in France, where he grew up. In 2013, his third feature film, Tey (Today), with

Saul Williams, was selected in competition at the 62th Berlin Film Festival and won the

Golden Stallion et Fespaco (Pan African Film Festival), a first for a Senegalese film. The

film, winner of numerous awards internationally, has been chosen by Senegal to

represent the country at the Oscars.In 2008, Andalucia, his second feature film, was

presented at the Mostra (Venice Days). In 2002, L’Afrance, his first feature film, won the

Silver Leopard in Locarno. Alain Gomis films were selected from the most prestigious

international festivals : Toronto, Chicago, AFI, San Francisco, Sundance, Seattle, BFI

London, Sydney, Dubai.Gomis graduated a Master degree in Film Studies at the

University of Paris Sorbonne in 1993. Associated with Newton Aduaka (Nigerian

filmmaker, Ezra) and Valerie Osouf (French director), he co-founded Granit Films.

Alain Gomis also works with Oumar Sall (Producer at Cinékap) in a training program for young filmmakers and technicians in Senegal (Up Short films), as well as the reopening of a cultural center in Dakar (El Mansour project).







Chocolates and Caramels (1996)

Everyone can make Mistakes (1998)

Whirlwinds (1999)

A Little Light (2003)

Ahmed (2007)



L’Afrance (2001) - Mille et Une Productions

Andalucìa (2007) – Mille et Une Productions

Today (Tey) (2011) - Granit Films/ Maïa Cinéma /Agora Films / Cinékap

Delights of the World, TV movie, (2012) France Télévison, Elzevir Production


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