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Celebrating African Cinema

Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago is an annual film festival that showcases the very best of contemporary and classic films from the African continent.

The African film industry is dynamic and relevant and its filmmakers continue to pursue an approach to filmmaking that is in sync with and reflective of their own cultural environment. Out of this has emerged an aesthetic that reflects the tone, landscape, colour, complexity and beauty of Africa.

Through AFTT we are opening the doors for a solid and mutually beneficial alliance with this diverse and magnificent world of African Film.




AFTT is committed to developing a deeper connection and exchange between Africa and the Caribbean through film.  We will provide a platform for African filmmakers to exhibit and discuss their work while exposing our audiences to the largely unexplored cinema of Africa. Forging this relationship will not only open up a new world of cinema to our screens, it will also expand our vision and sensibility as filmmakers and consumers of film. It is our aim that this festival will be the hub and home for African cinema in this region.

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